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Affordable Quality Work

Dealing with clogs can be frustrating, tedious, and expensive. Small problems lurking in pipes often remain undetected until they cause a large amount of flood damage. Higgins Sewer & Drain Cleaning is here to unclog when a back up has occurred, and also to eliminate major problems from occurring down the road. Hire us and your job will be done right the first time.

Main Lines

Do you have sewage backing up into your house? Over time various types of clogs can stop up your sewer and become a nightmare to deal with. We provide professional sewer cleaning services to keep clogs away.

Kitchen Sinks

Often times things go down our kitchen sinks that weren't intended. Grease, eggshells, noodles, vegetables, and build up can all lead to stubborn back ups.


Soaps, shampoos and hair can gradually clog a tub or shower drain. Speed those tubs up today!


Whether it be a toy, phone, roll of paper towels, or a razor, toilets back up in a hurry if the wrong thing goes down.

Floor Drains

Build up from floors, ac units, or previous back ups can cause real issues. Protect your basement from flooding.

My Story

The Family Business

My father owned a successful sewer and drain cleaning business for over forty years. I began going on calls with him when I was somewhere around the age of 10 years old. I gradually began learning all aspects of the business as time went on. I learned the business inside and out, through many years of hands on experience. Not only did he teach me the value of hard work, but also the value of running a business with integrity. I take great pride in providing affordable, quality services to each and every one of my customers. Call today to schedule!

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Servicing KC

Your Premier KC Drain Specialist

Higgins Sewer & Drain Cleaning provides high quality, affordable drain cleaning services with a focused attention to detail. I’ll provide you with an upfront estimate, and a full explanation of the work to be done. I can assure you,

Quality Service

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"We had an issue with our sewer line and Mark came over within an hour and took care of it. The job was done in a very timely manner and very professionally."


"Mark came out and got the problem fixed very quickly.Professional and reasonably priced, would definitely recommend."


"Does good work. Got my drain working quickly, haven't had any issue since."


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